Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Technical Difficulties

I was all set to finally give my detailed rant on why the NFL draft can be the most infuriating sporting event of the year, but I once again had some major trouble getting on the site this morning. One thing about free websites is that you can't really complain when you have problems. Considering, however, that it's already 10:15 and the day is already more hectic that I would like, I've got to keep this real short. So, here are the three things that infuriated me about this year's draft:

1) You simply cannot pass on a once in a lifetime talent like Reggie Bush. I've been an obsessive college football fan my entire life, and I've never seen anybody as good Reggie Bush. And yes, I do vividly remember Barry Sanders running wild against Wyoming in the Holiday Bowl, and I do remember Marshall Faulk making WAC opponents look foolish in Jack Murphy Stadium. Those guys were unbelievable, but Reggie Bush was better. What makes it even worse is that it wasn't just his play on the field that made him so special. He actually had an astounding individual workout for the scouts on USC's pro day. By passing on him, the Texans have made a statement that they think they are smarter than everybody else. Well, they may be right in the end...nobody can predict the future...but that doesn't excuse them from the shit they pulled Saturday. And, I refuse to let them hide behind that "we couldn't come to terms" b.s. Here's an idea...when a guy is this good, you give him everything he wants. That's how you come to terms. Yes, it's completely irrational on my part because I have no stake or real interest in the Texans or Reggie Bush, but I hope they live to regret this pick every day of their natural born lives. It was simply offensive.

2) The falls of Matt Leinart and Lendale White were outrageous. Granted, unlike Bush, they weren't what I call "combine freaks". Leinart may not test out with the strongest arm, and White may look a little too much like me right now, but give me a break. Do these NFL GM's not have television? Do they not watch ANY college football? Did they not notice that Matt Leinart was throwing bb's when it mattered most, in the second half of the greatest National Championship Game ever played? Did they not notice that White scored more touchdowns at SC than ANYONE? Let me remind you that O.J. Simpson, Charles White, Marcus Allen, and Reggie Bush all played tailback at USC. Finally, did they not notice that these guys were absolute winners? What more could they have possibly done? Should they have spent the past four years tanking it on Saturdays and putting all their effort into improving their bench press or their 40 time? As far as I'm concerned, 4 guys that were on the field at the Rose Bowl (Young, Leinart, Bush, and White) should have all been in the top 5 players taken. And yes, I'm officially rooting for Matt Leinart and Lendale White to have Hall of Fame Careers. Fight On!!!!

3) A.J. Hawk at 5? What? Are you serious? Do I really have to deal with another white middle linebacker getting sweated waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too hard? Aren't Brooking and Urlacher overrated enough to satisfy this quota for the next 50 years? Do we really need to throw A.J. Hawk into the mix? I can already hear Theisman saying something like, "sure, seven other Packers already had him wrapped up, but did you see the intensity with which A.J. Hawk piled on at the end? That's what makes him great!" I guess we are going three deep on the NFC Pro Bowl roster at middle linebacker this year. If Brian Bosworth makes a comeback we'll have to make it four!