Thursday, May 25, 2006

Guest Blog Thursday with Fite

One serious note before the guest blog. The WAD’s father is having a minor procedure this morning, and unless you’re a pagan bastard it would be nice to take a moment and send a quick prayer his way.

Jellybean provides a Spark

For those of you that don’t follow the WNBA, the big news of the season is that Joe “Jellybean” Bryant is coaching the LA Sparks. It would be easy to joke about this, making comments that Mr. Bryant raised the best female basketball player on the planet. I will not make such comments as this article presents disturbing evidence that Mr. Bryant is a sexual predator. I am no longer surprised that Kobe had problems in Eagle, with a father like this he had no other choice.

Mr. Bryant clearly treats the Sparks not as professional athletes, but as his personal harem. Bryant claimed that “I keep the players nice and loose.” Lisa Leslie agreed, claiming that “the team is a lot more loose than last year.” What is disturbing is that the players seem to have accepted Mr. Bryant’s advances. He has said that he enjoys “to have just a handful with many different options off it, they [the Sparks] really accept that and really appreciate that.” Some of the more “experienced” players seem to welcome his advances. Mwadi Mabika said that Bryant allows her the freedom to “do whatever you want to do.”

Kobe never had a chance.

Plummer’s Road Rage

Jake Plummer may or may not have had a little case of road rage the other day. I don’t care. The only interesting thing about this story is that he was driving his 2005 Honda Element. No wonder he doesn’t get any respect around the league, he drives a [insert favorite derogatory term/body part here]-mobile. The guy that rear ended him said "I thought it was some 19- or 20-year-old kid driving a car that his dad gave him, and maybe he needed to be talked to by his dad.”

Sounds like a leader to me.

I Love the ACLU

I know that the WAD is a place where we can all relax and not mention politics, but I keep getting the feeling that the WAD is a conservative establishment. In order to present a more fair and balanced view, I’ve decided to include a feel-good story about the ACLU.

The ACLU is a liberal group that champions individual rights and freedoms. The ACLU firmly supports your freedom of speech. In fact, they have been doing great work recently. Many cities and states have tried to enact laws that would make it illegal to protest at a funeral. These laws are the result of a conservative backlash against those who want to protest the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq. Find the ACLU’s version here:

"We cannot prohibit free expression because we don't like certain activities, nor can we suppress the speech of groups or individuals simply because we find their message distasteful," said Lili S. Lutgens, ACLU of Kentucky staff attorney. "The First Amendment applies to everyone."
This is an excellent point Ms. Lutgens, the first amendment does apply to everyone and you should always have the freedom to express your opinion. That’s why I was so disturbed by this article:

Check back later for the caption contest. If you’ve got anything good, send it to Big Ern.