Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome to the first day in our new home. I know it's beyond late today, and I do apologize, but blogger was having some serious technical difficulties today, and this is the first successful attempt at posting. Before embarking on the Monday morning look into my depraved mind, I want to thank Fish for not only taking the time to set up this new site, but also for all his help with The WAD. Truth be told, if it weren't for Fish, there would never have been a WAD, and I would probably have called it quits early on. Also, while we are talking about Fish, let me send congratulations to him and his lovely wife on the birth of their second child, a little girl named Phoebe. I got my first chance to meet Phoebe yesterday, and everyone will be very relieved to know she looks like her Mom. Okay, enough of the personal shout outs, here's what was going through my mind this weekend:

I watched so much NBA Playoff basketball that by the time the Mavs tipped off last night, I wasn't really sure where I was any more. My head was spinning, and my back was aching from not giving off the love seat for two days, but it was worth it. In the course of this marathon of hoops, I a lot of thoughts, but the most important were these:

1) Lebron is scary good. If you aren't paying attention to the Lebron experience, you need to start. He's 21 and he's throwing up monster triple doubles in the playoffs? At no point in my life up until Saturday did I think such a thing is possible. There is no limit to the heights this guy can take his game. None. He's bigger, quicker, and more skilled than almost anybody in the league. And again, he's 21.

2) Kobe played horrifically and the Lakers were in the game until the final seconds! Uh-oh Phoenix. Who knows? Maybe Phoenix will sweep the Lakers, but if you told me that Kobe would struggle his way to 22 yesterday, I would have guessed the Suns would have won by a minimum of 20 points. Sure, they got the win, but I imagine they are more than just a little nervous about what Kobe is going to unleash on them in Game 2. You can only hold the Mamba at bay for so long.

3) If you ever wanted to know why it wasn't a good idea to give the defending NBA Champions bulletin board material heading into a playoff series, well, give Ron Artest a call. He should be able to educate you. That being said, I'm still not sold on the Spurs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to doing anything silly like picking them to lose before the Western Conference finals, but watching Tim Duncan drag that foot around makes me seriously question whether they have a run to the Finals in them.

4) On a different note about the Spurs, I didn't realize until it was brought up by the announcers in Saturday's game that Tim Duncan is the only remaining player from the Spurs' first Title run. Isn't it time we start putting Greg Popovich right up there with the NBA coaching elite of Phil Jackson and Larry Brown?

Okay, here are some non-NBA related thoughts:

I was stunned to learn that Reggie Bush's family may have been living in a $750,000 house last year that was purchased in some form by a sports agency. I mean, a superstar college athlete getting some perks from a sports agent? Who has ever heard of such a thing?

The Wendy's triple cheeseburger might just be the perfect cheeseburger. Tons of beef, hot melted cheese, and those great Wendy's pickles. Just doesn't getter any better than that. Sure, no human being, especially me, has no business eating that much food at one time, but sometimes you just got to man up.

I watched "The Godfather" again for the first time in a few years this weekend, bringing my total viewings somewhere close to triple digits. Needless to say, "The Godfather" is my favorite movie of all time, followed closely by "The Godfather II". However, no matter how many times I watch the movie, I still find myself in complete shock and disbelief when Sonny gets gunned down at the toll booth. I don't know what it is, but this scene always leaves me speechless. I mean, how could Carlo, as despicable as he was, ever have betrayed the family like this? How could he have thought this would end well? I often think about what would have become of Michael had Sonny not been killed. Would Michael have been able to live a normal life outside the family business, or was he already in too deep after killing Sollozzo and McCluskey? These are the things I think about!